Optimum experience with VR Headset

Katie Mitchell
The Hidden Disability is a 360 VR video about autism. The scenario follows an individual who is experiencing sensory overload during university and using VR and an immersive suit to allow the user to not only hear and see the experience but to feel it. 
The key element behind this idea is to provoke awareness within work environments and schools. People need to feel safe in all different environments in which they encounter and when they don’t that is okay but we need to have ways to make that environment better for those who experience sensory overload.  It allows them to understand how a student could be feeling when they are in a loud and overwhelming environment.
The goal of this project is to remind people that they are never on their own, no matter what, there will always be someone to reassure you. Participant's experience: "I'd never used VR before and it was surprising how unnerving the experience was - I expected that it wasn't going to be anxiety provoking at all, but as soon as you can't see anything, and you're strapped into a vest it really increased the sensory experience. It went quite some way to putting me in the shoes of a person who suffers from Autism".​​​​​​​