Retracing Emilia
Daniele Roversi
Retracing Emilia is an expanded photographic documentary project about the earthquakes that shook Northern Italy in 2012. 
On May 21st 2012 a storm of earthquake-shocks hit the area where I grew up in Italy leaving the area completely wrecked. The following 90 days have been a horrible situation on which every hour a minor shock would stop all of us in our tracks to run outside to safety. More than 1500 shocks have been registered in the following 90 days; the fear of a new big shock was constant because nobody knew if this nightmare was, or still is, over. 
These images portray the situation presented almost 2 years after the earthquake. While taking pictures of them I felt that these did not give them justice to their past and this is when the initial idea of retracing the past sparked in me.