Retracing Emilia
Daniele Roversi
Retracing Emilia is an experimental documentary project about the earthquake that hit Italy in 2012.
On May 21st a storm of earthquake-shocks hit the area where I grew up in Italy leaving the area completely wrecked. The following 90 days have been a horrible situation on which every hour a minor shock would stop all of us in our tracks to run outside to safety. More than 1500 shocks have been registered in the following 90 days; the fear of a new big shock was constant because nobody knew if this nightmare was, or still is, over.
 The images portray the situation 2 years after the fact, when most of the collapsed buildings had been cleared leaving only a hint of their presence. Their future being still uncertain, my intention was to pay tribute to the illustrious past of these places. The way I decided to accomplished this was by laser engraving the older appearance of the building from my memories and reference material on the current status of the site. The final result is a image that portrays multiple  “appearances of the same subject throughout time” something not so quite conventional in photography by its own definition.
Due to the nature of the images, the best way to experience them is at an exhibition where lighting is studied to highlight the laser engraved marks that make each image unique. These images are from the 2015 Exhibition for the Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia. Two images of the project will be exhibited in Barcelona at the Gallery Valid Foto from May 8th to 25th as runner up honourable mention to the Gala Awards in the category “Experimental Techniques”.

Retracing Emilia as displayed in the Fotografia Europea Festival in Reggio Emilia, 2015.