Amadeus TH7
Rhona McDade
Amadeus TH7 is a photographic book charting the Boat Amadeus TH7 and its fishermen.
My Dad wakes me up at 4am to get ready for the days fishing ahead. We steam out in the early morning mist, with rods prepared and hooks baited. We could fish for 12 hours and catch no more than a few mackerel, but the excitement of the chase was all we would need.
This project has arisen from my interest in fishing and the curiosity for my Dad's work as a deepsea fisherman. My Dad has worked on the Amadeus, a deep-sea crabbing vessel, from a young age and would spend up to 9 months of the year working away at sea to support our family. This meant little time was spent at home; in this time of separation my interest in his work intensified. Throughout the process of making this book I have found that the history between my Dad's relationship with the sea is much more extensive than I could have ever imagined. This has been a voyage of discovery for me personally to connect with my Dad as well as a journey of exploration as a documentary photographer.
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